Monday, December 31, 2012


Took this picture at the local flower park on a warm Summer


I was gardening one day when I spotted  this snail
on the concrete path so I picked it up and set it free
in some clover. :)

Caught Eating 

A little bird eating from the bird feeder. If you look in its mouth you 
can see a piece of bird seed. :)

Pure One

This flower was the last of its kind at the garden shop. I found it 
great because this was the only white flower and it was surrounded 
by red and purple flowers. 

Delicate Yet Strong

A Dahlia flower in the local flower park on a late Summers

Lone Leaf

A fallen Maple Leaf laying in our rock bed garden.
This is one of my favorite pictures because of  how
simple the image is and yet it stands out. :)

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